Being an identity management agency
means three things:

We build, maintain and adapt business and product identities.
(If you don't know what those are you definitely need to keep reading.)

We manage your communication projects.
Think of Wambach as the communication director you didn't think you could afford.

Wambach operates as an agency in a freelance economy.
We find the right partners for each project and function as a reliable filter and point of contact
between the client (that's you) and the many freelancers working on your project.

Real estate

A real estate identity will make your
real estate product or company more visible and professional. Help your potential buyer find your project and get excited about buying.

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A clear start-up identity will increase exposure and confidence with investors, employees and early adopters - and even help guide you in making strategic growth decisions.

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Our range of communication services are meant to help you achieve better results.
If you're looking for some help, we can do something for you. Start getting better results today.

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Your products are made of stone, your buyers aren't


It doesn't matter if your project involves construction, renovation or sale:
without an underlying identity, you are missing an important competitive advantage.
A better identity will make for a better real estate product by increasing its visibility, making it more professional and integrating it more strongly in the world of
potential buyers.

The real estate sector is not ready for today's network generation, which is well informed, critical and - of course - networked. Communication about your project can no longer be seen as one of the final steps, or even an afterthought, just before the sales launch. Building a thorough project identity will ensure consistent, positive and attractive communication throughout, from project proposal to long after the sales launch.

Trust us when we say your communication could be a lot more professional,
consistent, attractive, broad and creative.
Let us tell you how.





Sell them a house and you will earn your investment back. 
Sell them a lifestyle and you will both be rich.

How serious are you about your business?


As a start-up, you need as much time as you can to focus on developing your product,
your operation, financing and sales. And because your company and the product are still
in full expansion, you might think it is too soon to start work on your identity or brand.
But you're wrong.

A well developed identity that is able to grow with you can make the biggest difference
in this early stage. A clear company identity will increase visibility and confidence with investors, employees and early adopters - and even help guide you in making
strategic growth decisions.

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It is never too soon to start looking and sounding 
Like you mean business.

Wambach can do something for you


Maybe you're the founder of the company.
Maybe you're the communication officer looking for inspiration or a partner.
Maybe you're an employee who's been thrown this project and you feel out of your depth.


This is what we can help with:

Setting up the big plan: a communication strategy
will give you a track to run on for quite a while.

Finding the right partners for your project: there's lots of talent in the world.
We know how to find it and how to get them excited for what you need.

Developing your corporate identity:
Logo & corporate identity design
Texts (Copywriting, translations, editing)
Content generation / management
Monitoring production of all deliverables

Making sure people hear about the great stuff you do. 
Did you really think sending out a press release will still get you noticed
in times of social media and viral marketing?

Grab the phone and tell us what you're struggling with.
We might be able to help you, 
or point you in the right direction, or just tell you how to do this yourself. And yes, that's free, and no there's no catch. 
That's just good karma.





If you want to do better and achieve more, 
you’ll have to start doing things differently.

If you think we could do something for you or your company, don't hesitate to get in touch.
Asking questions is absolutely free, and so is making an offer.

Even if we cannot help you right now, we may know others who can.


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